Auburn in New York Chapter Three

As the elevator rose, so did the rate of my heartbeat.  In just a few minutes I would be in his apartment. Be with him.  Soon I would find myself doing something I never in my wildest dreams thought I had it in me to do.  When the elevator reached it’s destination my legs wouldn’t move.  I stood there frozen, holding my breath and rethinking my decision.  I closed my eyes and when I did I remembered his mouth on mine, his tongue dancing inside of it.  A delicious chill ran through my body and I couldn’t help but smile.  As the elevator doors started to close I found my arm reaching out to block them and make them open again.   I blew out a deep breath and willing my legs to comply stepped off the elevator.  I found myself standing in a large foyer with two doors.  I looked down at the card he gave me and noted that he had written Apartment B under his address.  I glanced in the mirror across from me, straightening my skirt and smoothing out my hair.  I thought for a moment about whether or not I should have Mia’s taser out and handy in case when I entered I ran into danger but that was not what I sensed when it came to Evan.  Even though I did not  know this man I did not feel he would harm me. I glanced quickly at my reflection again and then slowly walked to the door and knocked.  A moment later it was opened by an older gentleman, which surprised me.  I looked at the card again and then at the letter on the door.  Before I could speak the gentleman smiled at me.  “Ms. Daniels, please come in, Mr. James is expecting you.”  I smiled back at him while the question of how he knew my last name ran through my head.  As I stepped in I heard him close the door behind me and waited for him to lead me to Evan.  He extended his arm out for me to walk ahead of him which I did.  As we stepped out of  the long hallway and into the living room I was immediately overwhelmed by the sheer size of it.  The room was huge, at least three times the size of my whole apartment.  It was divided in ways to set the living area apart from the dining area which had dark wood  table large enough to seat at least a dozen people.  In the living area was a large marble bar and a built in fireplace with plush couches and chairs in various shapes, sizes and color throughout it.  Three of the walls were in fact not walls but floor to ceiling windows that overlooked Manhattan.  I stood motionless, absorbing my surroundings when I heard the gentleman who had opened the door clear his throat behind me.  I turned to face him and he smiled.  “Mr. Evans will be right with you.  He asked that you wait for him on the terrace. There is wine there for you should you so desire.”  I nodded at him again and took his cue walking towards the terrace door.  As I did I glanced behind me and watched as he collected a  jacket and briefcase from one of the chairs and then walk towards the door.  I heard it open, then close and assumed he had left.  That meant for all I knew I was now alone in this great big apartment with Evan, wherever he was at that moment.  I placed my bag on one of the couches and then walked to the terrace door, opening it and stepping outside. I gasped at the enormity of the view.  The terrace wrapped around two thirds of the apartment, allowing views of the Manhattan skyline from different angles.  I saw a bottle of wine in a basket on the table along with two glasses.  I walked over to the table and noticed it was my favorite, Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio.  It made me smile.  Inside I knew it was just a coicidence but still, I smiled.  I poured myself a glass and wondered if I should pour one for Evan as well.  I didn’t, not knowing if he would want one. My hand trembled as I poured and I chided myself for being so nervous.  I popped an olive in my mouth, taking it from a small bowl of them next to the wine.  It tasted delicious and I realized I was a bit hungry.  I took a large sip of wine hoping it would help me calm down and then walked around the terrace taking in the view.  To my right was a spectacular of my favorite building in New York, the Chrysler Building.  I drank some more wine, finishing what was in my glass and put it on a small table and sighed, feeling my body begin to relax.  I leaned on the railing and admired my surroundings. The sun, now just set, cast an amber gold on the buildings around me.  I had never known anyone that lived in a place like this, with a view like this.  Who was this man?  I noticed that the weather was starting to change, it got this way as the season started it’s journey out and Autumn came in to replace it.  I was sorry to see Summer go, I was much more of a warmth than cold type of person never being able to tolerate anything below fifty degrees.  I just hoped that Winter would be kind to my city that year and I wouldn’t have to endure one bout of snow after the other as in years past.

The skin on the back of my neck prickled and I felt his gaze on me before even turning around.  I slowly turned and I was correct. There he was,  Evan James, standing there,  looking at me with a slight smile.  He had removed his jacket and now just wore  his dark grey pants and white shirt, a couple of more buttons were undone than earlier.  He slowly walked towards me and with each step I felt my body react.  “I’m so sorry to have kept you waiting Alex but I was on the phone. Business. It couldn’t be avoided.” I swallowed, my mouth was suddenly dry and I glanced at the empty glass near me, wishing I had left at least a sip in it for this moment. I smiled at him, hoping it would hide my nervousness.

“That’s fine. I only just got here a few minutes ago.”

He nodded and smiled again, a crooked sexy smile that sent a jolt through my body.  “I know.  Right on time too. I’m almost disappointed about that.”  He stood in front of me and placed a soft chaste kiss on my lips.  Then noticing my empty glass walked over to the table to retrieve the bottle as well as the other glass. I watched him walk, noticing that he had one of the finest asses I had ever seen.  I felt myself bite my lip as I thought about good he must look naked.  When he turned back towards me he looked as if he was about to say something but didn’t, instead he smirked and I knew he had caught me eyeing him.  I blushed and turned away, embarrassed.  He walked back over to me, pouring himself a glass of wine as he did and then poured some into my glass and placed the bottle on the table.  He handed me my now full glass but stopped me when I went to drink from it. “Uh, uh. We must have a toast.”

“A toast?” I asked.


“To what?”

“To us.”   I almost gasped.  Us?  How was there an us yet?  We had just met for the first time that evening. “Or actually, to what brought us together.”

“And what would that be?” I asked.

“Curiosity. Courage. Desire.” My mouth opened a bit on his last word, making him smile that crooked sexy smile again.  He reached out and gently ran his thumb along my bottom lip.  I felt my legs shake and was grateful at that moment to be leaning against the terrace railing.  “Your curiosity, your courage and your desire is why you are here Alex.  I find your bravery to be intoxicating.”


“Yes. It is not easy to go after what you want.  By you responding to my ad, to agreeing to meet me at the cafe and most importantly to come here to my apartment all alone, that is very brave.”  He took a step closer to me and for a moment I wondered if I should have kept my bag with the taser close by.  He seemed to notice the look in my eyes and stepped even closer.  “There is no need to be afraid Alex.  I told you, I will not harm you.  I am not a psycho serial killer and while my motives to having you hear are not exactly..” he paused with a slight smile “… pure, they are not evil.”

I looked at him, really looked at him now and was taken aback by how handsome he was.  He looked to be in his late forties, his hair, once completely dark was now scattered with streaks of grey.  His eyes, the color of dark chocolate were mesmerizing and when he smiled, the wrinkles on the side of them made him even more alluring.  He was clean shaven and his chin was strong.  I noticed a faint scar along the bottom of it and felt the urge to reach out and kiss it.  He raised his glass to me and I in turn raised mine.  “So, a toast, to you, to me, to us and to exploring the fun we might have with each other.”  I looked him in the eye as I touched my glass to his, recalling a friend once tell me it was bad luck to look away when toasting.  He took a small sip of wine, I took a larger one, still nervous.  He then took the glass from my hand and placed both of them on the table next to us.  “So do you like the view?” he asked, his question throwing me off guard.  I nodded and unable to breath under his gaze slowly turned to look at it again, allowing myself a moment to catch my breath.  He stepped closer to me until I felt his body against mine.  He placed his hands on either side of me on the railing, effectively trapping me.  “Which is your favorite? The Chrysler?”

“How did you know?” I asked.

“When I came out here I saw you looking at it. Its mine as well.”  He took one of his hands and gently brushed my hair back to one side and gently nuzzled my neck.  I felt myself swoon as he placed soft gentle kisses along my neck up to my ear.  He breathed in and then sighed. “You smell wonderful Alex” he whispered in my ear.  For some reason, a man whispering in my ear had always been a big turn on for me and it was no exception when it came to him.  I shivered a bit when his teeth gently nibbled on my earlobe. “Are you cold?”

“No. I’m fine.” I answered back.

“Then is it me that is making you shake?”  he whispered in my ear.


“Yes what?” he asked.  I closed my eyes and smiled, feeling myself lean back into him.

“Yes Evan.”

I felt his smile against my neck.  He continued to kiss my neck and then took his hand and placed it on my jaw, turning my head towards him.  Our eyes locked for a moment before his mouth crushed down upon mine, consuming me in a deep passionate kiss.  I felt his erection against my backside and moaned as he pressed into me.  Soon he turned my body around, pinning me against the terrace railing as we kissed.  My arms reached up and around to his back.  I felt his muscular form through the thin material of his shirt and felt myself pulling him even closer against me. It made him moan as our kiss deepened. I was lost in the passion as his tongue played with mine.  His hands ran down the length of me, to the small of my back and then lower to my ass as he squeezed it and pressed his body into mine. A moment later he pulled back, his eyes looking into mine with what looked like surprise. I leaned in to kiss him again but he shook his head and stepped back.  I felt crushed, was he rejecting me?  He took his glass of wine and took a very large gulp from it and I noticed his hand shake. Was he nervous as well?

“What is it Evan?” I asked.  “Did I do something wrong?”

He looked at me in a way that relayed that he didn’t understand my question and then stepped forward and took my hand. He then smiled and kissed it. “No Alex. You did nothing wrong. I just don’t think we should get all fired up until we talk.”

“Talk about what?”

“Us. What this will be between us.”


“Are you hungry?”  His question surprised me, after all I wasn’t expecting to come here to eat.  I thought I had come here to have sex with this handsome stranger.  The truth was while I was hungry, I didn’t think I could eat with all the flip flops going on in my stomach at the moment.  I shook my head in response to his question. “Maybe later?” he asked and I smiled and nodded, grateful that there would be a later.  He looked at my smile and I saw him sigh and then drink the remainder of what was in his glass.  He handed me my glass and then picked up the bottle.  “Shall we sit?”  he asked motioning to a nearby set of chairs.  I nodded and walked towards them, feeling his gaze on me as I did.  It made me smile and feel warm in all the right places.  He placed the wine on the table and then pulled out a chair for me. He refreshed my glass and refilled his own before taking a seat across from me.  I took a sip and then leaned back, meeting his eyes with my own. “Before this goes any further Alex, i just think we should establish what this is going to be.”

“Okay.” I warily answered and took another sip.

“Are you looking to just get fucked?” he asked, the question making me nearly spit out my Pinot. “Are you okay?” he asked with a chuckle.  I nodded but did not answer his question,  The truth was I didn’t know how to answer it.  What was I looking for?  I knew it wasn’t a quickie fuck.  No I was looking for a lover.  Someone to help me release my inner wants and needs but had been suppressing for years.  I drank some more wine. “I ask because you just don’t seem like the type of woman to want just that.”

“What type of woman do I seem to be then?” I asked boldly.

His finger came up and tapped upon his bottom lip as his narrowed, studying me. “I haven’t completely decided on that yet.  Like I said before, you are curious and brave, that I know. I think you have been suppressing your desires for so long now that you aren’t exactly sure how to express what you really want.  In your e-mail you told me that my post spoke to you.  That there was a dark side to you that you had kept under wraps all this time.” I looked down, trying to recall every word of the response I had sent to his post. “Look at me Alex.” he said sternly.  I looked up at him, catching my breathe when seeing the intense look in his eyes.  I unfolded and then again folded my legs.  I felt my panties becoming moist again with that look.  He seemed to notice my discomfort and tried to hold back a smile. “What you need to know, what you need to accept before we go any further is that what you want, what you want me to do to you, with you…it isn’t dark Alex.  It isn’t bad or wrong and there is absofuckinluetly nothing wrong with you for wanting such things.  You need to accept that here and now.  If you can’t, then you are still suppressing your desires. Understand?”

“I think so.”

“I told you Alex, you have to stop thinking so much and allow yourself to start feeling.”

“I’m trying.”

“I know baby.  That is why you are here.  If you weren’t trying you would have never shown up at the cafe.”

“Why didn’t you show up?” I asked.

“But I did.”

“You didn’t come in.”

“No. I didn’t.”


A smile played across his lips as he looked down at the wine in his glass and then took a small sip before placing the glass on the table.  “At first I was watching from across the street. I was there about five minutes before I saw you go in.”

“How did you know it was me?”

“I had a feeling. It was the way you hesitated before you went in, like you were second guessing whether or not you should.”


“After a few minutes I walked across the street and looked inside, just out of view so you wouldn’t see me.”


“I wanted to watch you.”  The way he said it, with that intense look in his eyes made me gasp.  He smiled.  “I wanted to see how you reacted to me not being there.”

“And what did you see?”

“You are very insecure about yourself, aren’t you Alex?”  I looked down again.  How did he know that just by watching me. “You shouldn’t be.  You are a beautiful woman.”  I tried to smile, be polite the way I was taught to be when someone paid you a compliment even if you didn’t believe what they said.  I looked up at him and he was shaking his head but I didn’t know why. “Do you honestly think because you aren’t a skinny little model type you aren’t beautiful?”  I didn’t know how to respond to his statement.

“I don’t know.” I finally managed to say and then finished my wine.

“Well, you should know, because you are lovely.  I watched you as you kept checking your watch and phone.  After about fifteen minutes I saw your whole demeanor change.”

“I thought you had stood me up.”

“I know and I am sorry about that.  I just needed to know that you really wanted this.”


“And you could have walked out after ten minutes or been a complete bitch when you thought I had stood you up. Instead I saw the look on your face.  It wasn’t frustration or bitchiness, it was disappointment which made me realize how much this meeting meant to you. That pleased me, very much.”


“Because now I know you are serious.  When I kissed you outside the cafe you didn’t push me away, I felt the desire inside of you and I then knew how much you wanted this. So again, I ask you, what is it that you want Alex?”

“You.” I heard myself say without hesitation. My answer seemed to surprise the both of us.

“Good.” he whispered back.

“What do you want Evan?” I asked him.  He allowed that crooked sexy smile to pass his lips and then stood and held his hand out to me.  I took it, my legs shaking but with enough strength to stand as well.  He gently tugged at my hand to follow him inside.  As he opened the door I heard music playing that hadn’t been before, a smooth jazz highlighted by a saxophone.  He closed the door behind us and walked over to a long backless couch which curled up on each side.  He motioned for me to sit and then walked around so that when he sat next to me, we were sitting opposite of one another but still eye to eye.  He took my hand and gently kissed it then placed it back down on the couch between us, his fingers gently circling my palm, I felt it to my toes.  “What I want Alex” he said in almost a whisper “Is to be the man that you trust enough to let yourself go with.”  He looked into my eyes and sensed my hesitation.  “I can’t give you love or happily ever after Alex so if that is what you want, what you need, then you should go now before anything else happens.”  I looked down not knowing what to say.  The truth was that I didn’t think I even believed in love anymore.  I had given my heart away a couple of times in my life and had it broken.  The last time had been so devastating that it left me with an emptiness that I vowed I would never allow myself to feel again.  I didn’t need love again.  It had been three years since my heart had been devasted and I had not allowed anyone to touch me since then.  Now, sitting here so close to Evan, his finger tracing the inside of my palm, making every inch of me feel alive, I realized that what I wanted was to feel wanted. To feel desired.  I wanted someone to understand me, physically at least in a way no one else had ever done before.  I wanted a lover who would help me discover all the feelings that were bottled up inside of me and were aching to be released.  I wanted, I needed someone to not judge me or make me feel dirty for what I wanted.  What I wanted was Evan.  I looked up at him and dredging every ounce of courage he said I had leaned in and planted a soft kiss on his lips.

“I don’t want happily ever after Evan.”

“Then what do you want Alex?”

“I want you Evan. I want you to” I paused “…help me.”

“Help you?” he asked with a look of confusion in his eyes. “Help you what?”

“Help me be the woman I want to be. ”  The confusion in his eyes gradually changed to one of knowing exactly what I meant.  He raised my hand to his lips and gently kissed it again and then leaned in and kissed me softly.  He leaned in closer, tracing his tongue across my neck to my ear.  “I will Alex.” he whispered in my ear.  “I will help you and guide you. I will show you that when it comes to being with me, it’s okay to give me control. That pleasure and pain are not exclusive.”  He bit down on my earlobe, hard, making me cry out softly which made him smile. “I will teach you that there is nothing wrong with wanting the things you want.  I will do things with you, to you that you only dreamed of before.” He traced his tongue across my neck again and then leaned back.  I was breathing heavy and he smiled when he saw the look in my eyes. “Baby, I am going to make you feel so good.”  he whispered  and then gently nibbled on my bottom lip and then released it and leaned back.

“So” I said, my voice weak “Are you a Dominant?”  He laughed out loud, a wonderful laugh that made me smile.  He shook his head and sighed heavily.

“No Alex, I would not call myself that just like as I wouldn’t ever call you my Submissive.  It is true that I enjoy dominating a woman, sexually that is but not all the time and not in all the ways you may have read about.”  I blushed and looked down. How did he know all the research I had done on the subject of BDSM?  He lifted my chin to look at him.

“Is that what you want Alex? Are you looking to be a Submissive?”

“Not exactly.”

“I didn’t think so.”

“But you are interested in exploring aspects of it, right?”  I lowered my gaze again, making him raise my chin more with his hand.  “Look at me Alex.”  I did and caught my breath when seeing the intensity of his gaze.  “You want to push the boundaries further than you have ever done before. You want me to control you sexually at times.  You want to know what it feels like to be blindfolded, tied up, spanked and maybe more?”   I stared at him.  How did he know that all he said was exactly what I wanted?  “I will take control if you let me Alex.  I will do things to you if you allow me.  I will never do anything to degrade or humiliate you and I am not a Sadist.” He raised a finger from my chin to my lower lip and ran it slowly across it. “But when we play Alex, and we will play, when I am in control, you must do as I say.  If you don’t, well, then I will punish you and will enjoy doing so. Understand?”  I found a way to nod my head and he smiled.  His arm reached up my back to the nape of my neck and tugged at my hair, pulling it down so that my head arched up to his waiting mouth. He devoured it with his own making me moan.  When he felt me reach up to him his other hand took hold of both my wrists and held them together and down on my lap.  He kissed me deeper, holding my head in place with his hand against the back of my neck.  When he finally released my mouth he looked down into my eyes and smiled.  He nibbled my bottom lip again and then released it. “Last chance.” he whispered.

“For what?” I asked trying to catch my breath.

“For you to leave. To walk out that door and never look back.”

“I don’t want to go.” I answered softly, my insecurities thinking maybe he wanted me to go.  But then he smiled and closed his eyes.  When he opened them, their intensity had changed to that darker, sexier look I had caught a glimpse of earlier.  I knew at that moment that nothing could have made me leave.

“Good, because I don’t want you to leave Alex.  But you need to know something about what is and is not going to happen tonight.”


“We are not going to have sex tonight.”

“Oh.” I said the disappointment in my voice obvious and my insecurities firing back up again.

“Tonight is all about establishing trust. Sex will come, but not tonight.  Maybe tomorrow.” he said with a boyish grin.  His statement surprised me.

“Tomorrow?” I asked.

“Perhaps.  We’ll see how it goes tonight.  You can stay the night can’t you?”  I thought about it for a moment. I didn’t expect to stay the night with him.  I didn’t even expect to be at his apartment. I had convinced myself that nothing would come of our meeting after the cafe.  But here he was, asking me to stay the night with him.  The truth was that there was no reason why I couldn’t.  Of course I didn’t have a change of clothes with me, but suddenly was grateful to have a toothbrush in my bag.  I looked down and then back up at him, he was waiting for my answer.  I nodded, which made him smile.

“Would you excuse me for a moment?” I asked suddenly needing the restroom.  The wine had gone to my head and I needed a moment to myself.  “Washroom?” I asked.

“Second door on your right from where you came in.”  I nodded and picked up my bag off the nearby couch as I walked away.  I marveled at how my legs were still able to function.  His kisses had made them feel like Jello.  I entered the restroom and locked the door behind me and leaned back on it, a deep breath escaping from between my lips.  I placed my bag on the large marbled vanity and held onto it for a moment before looking at my reflection.  The flush in my cheeks was evident and all traces of my lipstick had vanished from his kisses.  I proceeded to take care of business, noticing that my panties were soaked.  I wished I had brought another pair with me, especially now if I was staying the night with him.  As I washed my hands I looked again at my reflection and smiled.  But it was a different  smile than I usually had.  It was sexier and carefree.  Had he already been able to do this to me? Already been able to make me feel this way?  I quickly brushed my teeth and rinsed out my mouth.  I cupped water in my hands and drank some, coating my dry throat.  I decided that it wasn’t worth it to put on more lipstick and ran a quick comb through my auburn hair, bringing some life back into it.  I looked again at my reflection and sighed.  Picking up my bag I exited the washroom and walked back into the living room.

Evan was standing at the window, staring out, his back to me.  I placed my bag down and walked up behind him.  He seemed to be lost in thought as he watched the lights of the night skyline begin to emerge.  As I reached out to put my arms around his waist from behind he jumped and quickly grabbed me, pushing me up hard up against the glass window.  The quickness and force of his reaction surprised me.  When he realized it was me he quickly eased up on the pressure in which he was holding me but didn’t let go. I realized his actions had been a reflex and that I had startled him when I came up behind him.  “I’m sorryAlex, you just surprised me. Did I hurt you?”

“No.  I’m sorry to have startled you.  You didn’t even hear me walk up to you.  Penny for your thoughts?”  The crooked smile crossed his lips and he eased his body into mine and devoured my mouth with his own.  After a moment he pulled back and smiled. “Brushed your teeth huh?”  I smiled and looked down.  His hand pulled my head up by my chin and he laughed.    “I like a woman who is prepared.  What else did you bring in your bag of tricks?”  I knew what he meant.  He was asking if I brought my vibrator like he had told me to.  I found myself biting my lip again which he seemed to like as I felt  his erection grow against my leg.  “I told you Alex. Tonight is all about trust.  Now, get it for me.”  He released me and stepped back, his eyes never leaving mine.  I suddenly felt embarrassed, actually each time I had looked in my bag that day and saw the plastic bag I had it in made me feel that way.  As I left for work that morning I had this dreadful premonition of knocking my bag to the floor in public at some point in the day and having someone discover what I was carrying around with me.  When I didn’t move he took a step towards me again.  “Don’t make me ask you again Alex.”  he whispered.  The tone in his voice was different, more commanding me than asking me and it turned me on.  I took a deep quick breath in when he spoke and then slowly walked over to my bag and took the plastic bag out of it.  I walked back and handed it to him.  He smirked when he saw it wrapped in a dark plastic bag, under that, in a ziplock bag.  He took it out and examined it in front of me, making me blush.  Never had anyone else held my vibrator in their hands, especially in front of me.  It was a normal one, modeled to look like a penis, not exactly a large one, but it did the trick.  As he examined it I couldn’t look at him.  He seemed to chuckle at it and then noticed my apprehension.  “How long have you had this?” he asked.

“A few years.” I answered.

“How many?” he asked.  I thought about it for a moment, recalling that I had gotten it a gift from one of my gay friends who felt I would need it after my last breakup.

“About three.”

“Hmm, I think it’s time we bought you a new one then.” He switched it on, the buzzing sound making me feel even more mortified.  He quickly switched it off and seemed amused by my discomfort. “Don’t be embarrassed baby.” he said.  “I’m just trying to see what makes you tick. Or actually what makes you come. Does this do it for you Alex?” he asked taking a step towards me, almost touching me.

“It has.” I answered bravely looking at him.

“Is this the ideal size cock for you?” he asked as he reached out, taking my hand and placing it on his own throbbing erection “or would this be more to your liking?”  He took my hand and rubbed it up and down the length of him which even through his pants I could feel was much bigger and thicker than the replica he held in his other hand.  I smiled and boldly pressed my palm against his hardness, pressing down and rubbing him, making his mouth open a bit with a groan.  He moved his hand but I kept it there, running my fingers along the length of him, feeling him grow even harder as I did.  His hips swayed against my hand and he leaned in closer to me.  “Do you want that Alex?” he whispered.  I licked my lips and nodded my head, my eyes never leaving his.  I continued to run my hand up and down the legth of him and then bravely reached for the belt on his pants.  He stopped me, taking my hand and pulling it away.  I heard a slight whimper escape my mouth and he laughed.  “Not yet Alex. Not yet.”

I reached up to kiss him, I wanted his mouth on mine but he pulled back and walked away from me.  He placed the vibrator on a table near the couch we had been sitting at and then looked back at me.  “Come here.” he said in a low husky, sexy as hell voice.  I walked over to him and stopped in front of him.  He ran one of his hands down my face, caressing my cheek.  “I told you, tonight is about trust Alex.  Tonight you will learn that you could trust me.  Tonight I will kiss you and touch you…everywhere.”  I caught my breath, making him smile.  He ran his thumb along the bottom of my lip and then slowly inserted it into my mouth and I sucked on it.  He closed his eyes and bit his lip as he felt my tongue twirl around it. When he opened his eyes again, they were darker, more intense.  He pulled his thumb from my mouth and traced my lips with it.  I stepped closer to him and pressed my hand against his erection again. “And will I be allowed to kiss and touch you everywhere?” I asked.  He moaned as my palm pressed against him and he stepped back.

“Perhaps later. First I need to know that you trust me. Then I will see if I could trust you.”

“How?”  I asked and he stepped back again, my hand dropping to my side.  He walked over to a shelf on the wall and he took down a small box.  He placed it on the bar and opened it.  His back was to me so I couldn’t see what was in it.  He pulled something from it and put it in his pocket. He then closed the box and placed it behind the bar.  He turned back and walked over to a couch some distance away from me and sat down on it.   “Undress for me Alex.”  he said and leaned back into the cushions.  I swallowed hard and quickly looked around at the glass walls.  He noticed what I was worried about.  “Don’t worry baby, no one could see inside.  No, the only person who will see you is me.”  While comforted by the fact that the view inside was a private one I still felt nervous.  I wasn’t comfortable with my figure with clothes on, in this bright light I felt even more unsure of undressing in front of him.  I looked at him, his crooked sexy smile was back.  “Don’t let me tell you again Alex.” he said with a warning.  My breath became quicker as I removed the jacket I was wearing, placing it on a chair next to where I was standing.  As I began to unbutton my blouse he interrupted me. “Slower Alex.” he said “and come closer.”    I looked down at him and for the first time that evening I realized that the look in his eyes was filled with desire. Desire for me.  I was surprised by it but welcomed it as well.  I felt a small smile cross my lips as I walked closer to him, a new swing in my hips as I did.  He smiled as he noticed it as well.  “Stop right there. ” he said when I was about three feet in front of him.  “Now slowly Alex, unbutton your blouse.”   As I did what he told me I never let my eyes leave him.  I pulled the bottom of my blouse from my skirt and undid the last button.  I then opened it and let it fall off my shoulders to the floor.  He tapped his finger against his bottom lip and his gaze met mine.  “Now your skirt.  Slowly Alex.”  As I reached for the side zipper I was suddenly grateful for my friend Susan who worked as a buyer for the lingerie department at Macy’s and who always gave me samples of what she bought. Until that night I couldn’t recall the last time I had used any of them but at that moment was happy to have them.  I had chosen a lacy black and white set which accented my breasts and hugged my curves in all the right places.  I slowly lowered and then stepped out of my skirt, gently kicking it to the side next to my blouse.  I reached for the back of the bra when Evan stood and stopped me. “Leave everything else on for now” he said and slowly closed the distance between us.  his eyes scanned over me and instead of showing disappointment, displayed appreciation. “Turn around, let me see all of you.” I slowly turned around for him and when I faced him again he was smiling.  He stepped closer and I felt his breathe on my lips.  “You are beautiful Alex.  Never doubt that.”  But ofcourse, I did.  I was too large to be wearing such delicate things and suddenly felt naked.  “I have always appreciated the form of a real woman’s body” he said and ran his fingers along my abdomen and waist.  “The way it curves and bends.” he ran his fingers from both hands down to my outer thighs and then walked behind me and cupped my ass, making me moan.  He leaned into me and ran his fingers around the front of me, one arm wrapping around my shoulder and across my chest as the other ran up and down the side of my waist.  He pushed my hair to the side and traced soft gentle kisses along my shoulder and neck.  With his arm pulling me back, I felt myself lean into him, his erection throbbing against me. His mouth continued it’s gentleness, lightly touching my skin with his lips. moving up until it was at my ear.  “Do you feel how much I want you Alex?’ he asked and gently began to sway, his cock throbbing against me.  “Do you want me Alex?” he asked in a low husky voice.

“Yes.”  I whispered as his fingers gently ran across my bare skin and up to my breasts, grasping one then the other tighter.

“Yes what?”

“Yes Evan.”

“Good girl.”  His teeth closed down on my earlobe and I cried out.  His hand moved from across my chest and pressed upward, making me lean my head back ad he pulled me even closer against him.  His fingers ran along my throat and gently closed a little tighter. “Do you trust me Alex?” He whispered in my ear.

“Yes Evan.” I said breathing heavily as his fingers played across my throat.

“Are you sure?” he asked and closed his grip a little tighter around my throat.  I was frightened for a moment, more from being turned on by what he was doing than by thinking he was going to hurt me.

“Yes.”  He tightened them a little more and with his other hand pulled my hair back, making me whimper.

“Yes what Alex?” he seethed in my ear.

“Yes Evan.”

His grasp loosened from my throat and his hands ran over my body, resting on my breasts, cupping them in his hands.  “You must trust me Alex.  You must trust that I will never hurt you.  I will never leave a mark on you for anyone to see.  Whatever I do to you will because you want me to do, that you will allow me to do it. Even though it may not seem that way, you ultimately will have the control of what happens. If you say stop, I will stop.  If you say no, I understand it means no.  You allowing me to control you, it’s really the other way around.  Understand baby?”

“Yes Evan.”

“Good girl.”  He kissed my neck and then stepped back. “Turn around and face me Alex.”  I turned to face him and was pleased to see the look of pure carnal desire in his eyes.  “Kiss me.” he said.  I stepped forward and placed my hands on his shouders and slowly placed my lips on his.  He parted his mouth and allowed my tongue access to his.  His hands reached around to my ass and pulled me closer to him and returned my kiss.  Evan was an amazing kisser, something that I found to be a huge turn on.  Kissing itself was one of my favorite parts of foreplay.  We stood there, kissing for what seemed like forever before he pulled back a bit and smiled, his eyes still closed.  “I love the way you kiss Alex.” he whispered. “Come.” He took my hand and walked me to the backless couch we had been sitting on before. “Sit.” he told me and I did.  He walked around behind me and I thought he was going to sit next to me like before but he didn’t.  Instead I felt his hands on my shoulders.  He started to massage them, releasing the tension that was there as he stood behind me.  “I know you say that you trust me and while a part of me believes you, I need to be sure.”  I didn’t know what he meant by that.  He stopped massaging me, taking one hand off my shoulder and reached into his pocket to retrieve what he had put there earlier.  I felt something cool against my skin as he traced a long piece of silk against it. “I’m going to blindfold you now Alex.  And then I am going to touch you and kiss you all over your body.” I heard myself catch my breath. “Do you trust me to do this Alex?” he asked from behind me.  I closed my eyes and felt myself nod.  I felt him place the fabric over my eyes and tie it tight at the back of my head.  “See anything?” he asked and I shook my head.  “Good.  Now, lie down.” he told me and with his hands helped me lie flat on the couch.  It was long enough so that my entire body lay flat without touching either end.  “Good girl” I heard him say and then move around. “I wanted you blindfolded because I need to see how you react to my touch.  Where you are most sensitive to it.  Your other senses will be more attuned because you can’t see anything.”  I tried to follow the sounds of his movements as he spoke.  I was breathing hard and heavy and he hadn’t evenreally touched me yet.  “I want to see where you like to be touched. What makes you moan.” I caught my breath and felt myself lift a finger across my lips and hold it between my teeth. “And you will moan Alex.” he continued as I heard him walk around the couch.  “And I want to hear you moan and when I make you come, which I will do Alex, probably more than once, I want to hear you scream baby.” A whimper escaped from my throat, I wanted him to touch me.  My body was aching for him to touch me.

“Now Alex.”  I heard him say from where he was standing at the head of the couch behind me. “Put your hands up above your head.” I did as I was told and felt him hold my wrists down, feeling them rest along the top of the curved end of the couch. “Good. Now I do not want you to move them down from here no matter how much you will want to.  Do not try to cover yourself or touch me when I am touching you. Understood?”  I nodded and swallowed hard.  He released my wrists and I heard him move around again, stopping at the foot of the couch.   “‘This is all about trust Alex.  You trusting me.  If you can do what I tell you now, then we could move on from here. Okay?”  I nodded again.  I felt exposed, excited, desired. Feelings I had not felt in so long but what I was feeling now, this intensity, it was different than anything I had ever felt before.  I felt him reach for my heels and heard one then the other fall to the floor when he removed them.  He took my right foot in his hand and began to massage it, running his fingers across the bottom of them and then I felt his mouth gently nip at the arch of my foot, making me gasp and my back arch.  I had to remember not to move my hands down and closed my hands over each wrist to hold them steady against the couch. I felt his smile against the skin of my foot. “Relax Alex.”  I lowered my back and tried to steady my breathing.  “Good girl”  he whispered. “Now, we begin.”


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